The Wheatgrass

The wheatgrass has grown tall in a fast rate. The kids were so excited over it that they reported their growth to me every single day without fail. The girl also diligently changed the water with her brother’s reminder. 🙂


And one day, the boy ran to me and said in great concern, “Mummy, there are red-eyed flies on the wheatgrass!”. Red-eyed? He sure looked worried.

So, what are those? Fruit flies. But i like to see his concerned look.

Note: fruit flies are common with wheatgrass growing indoor but not harmful to plant or people, just a little nuisance. It also means that your crop is ready to harvest. How to control or discourage fruit flies, I read that we can place a small fan nearby and turn it to low speed blowing near the grass. This gentle movement prevent the flies from flying easily around it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat happened to these grass now?

The girl refused to juice it and drink (I guessed it). Something new to them, growing grass and it can be juiced into a nutritious drink. They are not used to this idea. But they do drink this pretty often when I bought it off the shelf. Maybe in near future, they have the courage or like the idea of growing and juicing after harvesting each batch 🙂

~ jean.


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