owls and bunnies

For the past couple of weeks, we have been busy with ending of holidays and starting of school term, though I still sew when I find pockets of time here and there (mostly at night, but I feel tired too, mentally and sometimes did nothing). I find it hard to keep focus without having to jump from project to project. But you can’t blame me as there are simply far too many things to make and do!

I was (still am) hooked in making dresses for myself, and for the kids too and seeing those pretty fabric in the cupboard and yet, not able to make something out from them is really a torture.

Flipping through craft books are not fun anymore if I don’t make something out from there so in order to keep my head off a bag design which I wanted to make the longest time, I finally made one.

Ahh, I feel good after making it. No kidding. I really do feel good. Chosen the colorful owl by Timeless Treasure Fabric bought online a year ago (I think). I have too many fabric which was bought years ago and yet to use just because I really like them a lot. Hoarder, i know!



I was playing with the camera that day and used partial color function to remove all other colors except red. A thought came to mind as I filtered out the color and made me realised that some days in our life can be cheerful, happy, colorful, eventful, trying yet manageable and at times, it can be dull yet easy on the heart. In fact, the actual color of the bag is too colorful to cover it up or filtered out by a simple filter function.



shoulderbag-bunnies1.4 shoulderbag-bunnies1.2shoulderbag-bunnies1.3shoulderbag-bunnies1.1


My boy has great taste as I mentioned earlier on IG. I was trying out other method in making the handle of the bag. Instead of the usual fabric handle, I thought maybe a cotton handle will do just fine. So, out came several colored cotton handles I bought from Taiwan last year. Can’t decide so the boy came and chose one for me.

So. What do you think? I love it! I think he made the right choice. Now, I can’t wait to use it when I am out and about. 🙂

Have a lovely mid-week! ~ jean.


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