Roasted Chicken

Roasted a whole chicken marinated with dried herbs – oregano basil and tomato spice blend yesterday.




Small size whole chicken
6 big potatoes cut into half
Cherry tomatoes
Himalayan salt
Oregano basil and tomato spice blend (bought from local supermarket, dried herbs and spice in a glass bottle from The Gourmet Collection)

1. Wash chicken. Remove head, neck and legs
2. Place the chicken in a big bowl, rub himalayan salt, followed by peppercorn and spice blend
3. Squeeze half lemon and leave for 1-2hrs
4. Using air fryer, preheat to 200° 5mins
5. Put the chicken in with potatoes coated with some grapeseed oil as there is no fat in potatoes to prevent dryness
6. Using Philip Air fryer for 25-30 mins 200°
7. When chicken is done, remove from rack, cut up some fresh cherry tomatoes and garnish the chicken. Squeeze the other half lemon onto chicken and serve.

Bon appetit!


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