The block pattern dresses

Another new dress made recently for G. She was (still is) delighted. I am happy that she is. But she is doubly happy than me.

Why? You wonder.

Because these dresses, unlike the rest, are without back ties and it won’t caused any discomfort to her back when she leaned back 🙂



I love block pattern because it gave that perfect fitting. A little boring (i must say) as it is almost the same so the recent dress (above), for the skirt portion, it is pleated instead of gathers.

Having said that, I want to try out new design with drafted block pattern. How lovely it would be to see different styles but I am the easy and practical person who what fits me and I like it, I don’t mind the same pattern for many pieces (boring me! Haha).


This fabric made in japan was bought from Taiwan fabric market 100% (thicker) cotton. She likes the pink polka dots fabric just like her previous second dress so it was added to the above Spring (named by me) floral dress 😉


I equally love this rileyblake fabric for moda. I didn’t have a second thought when I saw this and picked it up almost immediately. The only regret, it was just 1.5 yards left.


Ta-da! The very first block pattern dress (after making few dresses from pattern books) on a liberty fabric bought from Korea. Yes, that was about 3 years ago.

I remember how happy I was (still is) when the back bodice aligned side by side after a few tries to get it right.

There were many times that I had to rip off the seam (with the zip attached) using the seam ripper. Honestly speaking, I was very reluctant to do so because it was alot of thread to remove. But I can’t get pass the uneven bodice alignment thus here comes the seam ripper and off the threads.

It has became my very best friend since I learnt how to sew. Found a method which I had tested a few times while sewing dresses of how to align it proper when attaching the zip. It works!!! (I am a happy girl!) **Will talk more of that next time when I sew a dress again with pictures.

In conclusion, for pattern from books or online download, I need to resize it to fit whereas drafting a block pattern usually fit well (quite fascinating to me when I first drafted and it fitted well). However, it won’t stop me from trying out other online pattern as it is always good to improve one’s skill through resizing made to perfect fit.

Happy stitching, sewist friends! ♡


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