Patchwork | Cushion Covers

Hello! It has been a while. A long while  (in fact) that I’ve sewn a bigger project. I am lacking of time to sew or put the many projects I’ve in my mind to real work. Even with these cute cushion covers, it took me forever (it seems) to decide on which fabric to use, changed my mind along the way, aside it went, back and forth many days (or weeks).

I always remind myself when I buy new fabric that I need to immediately cut into them and use. DON’T keep them away because in the end, they will be left sitting inside the cupboard.  Sadly to say, it hasn’t quite work on me yet. Simply because I can’t bear to cut into them  (read: I am a hoarder) 😀

I’m just so glad that I finally did make something with these fabric and I absolutely love the color combination.





Such cute fabric print, isn’t it?




Fabric from Rileyblake mixed with Scrumptious charm pack. Left with a few squares from Scrumptious and I was half expecting it to be what I imagined them to be. But it was out of my original expectation when these were done. They are bright, cheery and lively (simply make my day brighter and put a smile on my face everytime I see them).

As for the closure, instead of using snap button, normal button, or zip on top (or bottom), I tried out a new method which I haven’t try before and that’s adding the zip in the middle of the cushion cover (something different). It’s my favourite method of sewing up a cushion cover now. Neat and tidy. No unexpected opening while hugging it.



Yea I love love love floral very much and thus, will make one cushion cover in floral (at least) 🙂

It has been rather hot lately making me sleepy and with tension headache, it certainly is not a good feeling.

Have a wonderful week! ~ jean.


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