Broad Cropped Pants | A Simple Culottes

Recently, I sewn a culottes (broad cropped pants) by Michiyo Ito Simply Sewn. In fact, what attracted me to this book was mainly because of the loose fitting dresses by the Japanese designer and the simple sewing styles.


I had initially wanted to try the summer dress pattern but as I need a quick sewing fix, I went for the BROAD pants! I seldom make or wear pants alot. So, I was skeptical about it. About how it will turn out, will I wear it, will it be comfortable… (other random thoughts).


Shortened the pants to just slightly above the knees.


Instead of two pockets (two look a little boring) so, one with a different fabric will maybe makes it less boring (off the other pocket). That brown stripe fabric came into use (bought from Korea) ha! Now you know how much fabric I had bought but kept away 😨



What’s the verdict?

I LOVE IT!!! 😍😍😍 Other than the fabric being slightly translucent (at the knees) due to its thinniess (my bad choice! Can’t be helped as I urgently – read: impatiently need to sew up something as I am soooo deprived of sewing lately), I absolutely adore this pants. The size for once using a Japanese pattern that I do not need to resize it too much to fit me. I used size S for this. Seam allowance 1/4″ and serged all sides.

I definitely will remake this pair of pants but first, I need thicker fabric, maybe a linen or a blended linen is good and (may) add side pockets too 🙂

Happy stitching, peeps! ♡


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