Waterproof Cardholder and a Keychain | Giveaway

Hello there! I know I haven’t been updating and is rather quiet lately. I’m a bit overwhelmed with some urgent projects. But the craving to sew is building up with the long list of wanting-to-try projects. So, in order to satisfy my sewing crave, I did a quick fix and dived into making a card holder using the waterproof fabric and stud from Japan bought a while ago .

It isn’t the usual sewing I normally do because this doesn’t involve any sewing that means no threads, no using of sewing machine. I quite like the result of it. Simple and sweet. I think if this is done on leather, it will be equally lovely, the touch and feel will be different. More classic and modern.


Early last week, I have been thinking of a giveaway to share what was made recently other than the cardholder, there’re owls too. So, here’s the giveaway of both handmade. (The bottle of buttons and clay flowers NOT included).

Simple steps:

1. Comment below on what handmade you are/or have been using most. For me, I am still lovingly using the card n coin pouch.

2. What do you like to do on a vacation? For me, I like to learn how to cook local food of the country I visit.

3. Share the post and tag me (if you can, if not it is alright, just comment below)
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☆ It’s open now till 26Sep for all – I will pick one participant at the end of the giveaway and will contact you for address ☆


Come and Have fun! ♡